Can't Prevent Crime

As the common-sense saying goes “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Why then would Council Member Zimmerman say that it is not APD's job to prevent crime, and not just that it’s not their job, but that it is a dangerous demand or expectation for us to have?

It’s not the police department’s problem or responsibility to stop crimes from happening. That is a dangerous thing for us to demand. – Council Member Don Zimmerman, City Budget Work Session (8/17/2016 12:00 PM)

Public safety constitutes 70 percent of the City of Austin’s budget. Instead of demonizing the police and accusing them of being the mob, we should be working with APD to complete the Northwest Austin substation and reduce response times. We can also expand the APD civilian staff to support neighborhood watch and crime prevention education programs. 


More Reasons We've Hat Enough of Don Zimmerman

The embarassing, bullying, attacking council member doesn't represent Austin or District 6 values.

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