Fire break or fire make?

The Balcones Canyonland Preserve is the largest green space in and around District 6 and contributes immensely to our quality of life. In spite of vocal and nearly universal opposition from constituents at an April 2015 Town Hall meeting and an acknowledgement that the project will probably never happen, Council Member Zimmerman continues to promote this road through the middle of the federally-protected Canyonlands.

In addition to destroying much of this amazing preserve, it would actually increase the risks of wildfires.  Introducing a major highway and human interaction into the green space will almost certainly create more fire.  The project would also turn Spicewood Springs road into a highway, adding more cut-through traffic to neighborhoods already plagued by congestion and pedestrian safety issues.

More Reasons We've Hat Enough of Don Zimmerman

The embarassing, bullying, attacking council member doesn't represent Austin or District 6 values.

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