Police is the Mob?

The hardworking men and women of the Austin Police Department have a very difficult job and work hard to ensure our safety. But you’d never know that from how Council Member Don Zimmerman talks about them. He compared their work to “what organized crime does.”

“What they do is they come in a city and say you agree to abide by our rules and pay us tribute.” [Don Zimmerman, KEYE 5/26/16].

As Chair of the Public Safety Committee, how can we expect Zimmerman to help improve our police force, or address the 70% of the budget represented by public safety, if he just tries to bully and attack our first responders? District 6 deserves better.


More Reasons We've Hat Enough of Don Zimmerman

The embarassing, bullying, attacking council member doesn't represent Austin or District 6 values.

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