Silent on the Bond

Just as we thought our voices would be heard after 10-1, our new council member has kept his voice silent by failing to vote 10 times more than any other council member. For Council Member Zimmerman to rely on abstentions to this extent doesn’t just represent missed opportunities to lead and get our problems solved, it represents an attempt to dodge accountability to you the taxpayer.

This hasn't just been on the myriad of small items that come before council.  Zimmerman has abstained on larger items as well, including Mayor Adler’s Transportation Bond.  He must believe that working on traffic problems in District 6 isn’t worth supporting or a massive bond election isn’t worth opposing. But the bigger question is this – why won’t Council Member Zimmerman go on record for or against a $720 million bond when we will be asked to do that at the ballot box?

More Reasons We've Hat Enough of Don Zimmerman

The embarassing, bullying, attacking council member doesn't represent Austin or District 6 values.

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